Saturday, May 19, 2007

End of Semester part Duex

This semester went rather well for me, and I've managed to put up most of the stuff that I did after I did it. Here is a recent painting, and a long overdue one.

Guache and oil again

and an oil painting based on a masterwork. This is about 3 ft x 3 ft and is based on Gustav Klimt's Life and Death. It's the various versions of me, throughout my life, including when I sell out to become a yuppie, and when I turn into my dad.

I didn't bother to scan the whole thing, but here is the final version. I ended up using colored pencil over the cyanotype to get the blues right.

and a CMYK seperation, printed in Gum, of a slide my grandfather took proably fifty years ago. I didn't bother to stick with the process colors, instead just picked a red, a yellow, a blue and a black, and running with it. Out of the three gum prints I did from his slides, I think this turned out the best and most visually interesting.

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